High stability and precision for reliable prints

Heated bed and PrintBite surface for optimal adhesion



Structure: aluminum profiles + printed parts + laser cut parts

Core XY kinematics

X, Y and Z movements on ball bearings rails

Mobile and heated aluminum plate (thickness 6 mm) adjustable on 3 points

Aluminum Z plate (6 mm thick) fixed on 4 points

PrintBite print surface

Interface: 3 '' LCD screen (standalone printing from SD card)

Direct filament drive (single or double extrusion)

Printing profiles provided: PLA; PETG


Machine (without coil): X = 490 mm | Y = 400 mm | Z = 410 mm

Print volume : X = 300 mm | Y = 200 mm | Z = 200 mm

Machine weight: 14.00kg

Heating temperatures

Heating plate: up to 110 ° C

Print head: up to 250 ° C


Power supply: 110-220 V (adaptable depending on the country)

Consumption: 350 W

Electronic card: Megatronics or Rumba (depending on the equipment of the 3D printer)

Connections: SD card (FAT16, FAT32, SDHC supporting SDIO mode), USB cable


Filament: Ø 1.75 mm

Nozzle 1: Ø 0.4 mm

Printing speed: from 10 to 120 mm / sec.

Positioning steps: XY = 25 µm | Z = 0.625 µm

Accuracy: ± 0.05mm

Recommended layer thickness: 100 to 250 µm


Software: Slicer, Pronterface

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux