Large dimensions to print large parts in one go

Custom made to suit your needs

Many possibilities in terms of tools and materials



Structure: Aluminum profiles

Cartesian kinematics

Exclusive positioning system with double servo loop guaranteed at 10 microns.

Fixed and heated aluminum plate (25 mm thick)

PrintBite print area (default)

Thermoregulated enclosure (Dibond housing); Possibility of high temperature casing

Filtration system adaptable to the printed matter (HEPA 14 and activated carbon)

Manual locking with key of the access door to the printing area

Interface: screen + on-board piloting and slicing software

Direct drive of the filament (granule head option)

Multi head with tool changer

Printing profiles provided: PLA; PETG (default)


Custom made

Basis :

Machine (without coil): X = 1820 mm | Y = 1320 mm | Z = 2030 mm

Printing volume: X = 600 mm | Y = 600 mm | Z = 600 mm

Heating temperatures

Heating plate: up to 150 ° C

Printhead: up to 300 ° C (option 375 and 500 ° C)

Enclosure: up to 45 ° C (default)


Power supply (optional): three-phase 3x80A (adaptable depending on the country)

Consumption: 4kW (basic dimensions)

Connectivity: USB key, WIFI, Ethernet


Filament: Ø 17.5 and / or 2.85 mm

Nozzles: Ø 0.3 mm to 2mm

Printing speed: 10 to 550 mm / s

Positioning steps: 1 µm

Accuracy: ± 0.01mm

Recommended layer thickness: 0.05


Software: Slicer

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux