Alchimies SAS – 3D printer manufacturer

Alchimies SAS is responsible for the design and manufacture of 3D printers, but also printing and project support services

Manufacturing and marketing of 3D printers

Delivery of your prototypes and pre-series

Design of models adapted to additive manufacturing

Manufacture of custom 3D printers

Our range of 3D printers


A multi-purpose, versatile 3D printer, with a controlled capacity / price ratio.


A small versatile 3d printer, that can be plugged into a cigarette lighter socket, responding to the needs of technicians


A customized 3d printer with variable dimensions responding to the needs of industrials.


A versatile 3d printer with variable dimensions meeting the needs of industrials.


A compact and stable 3d printer, among the most accurate on the market.


A 3d printer suitable for educational needs, which is among the most accurate on the market.

A few recent projects


The Purmask project came to the fore when Covid 19 hit France. From the first day of confinement, our team printed all the masks they could find on the internet in order to select a candidate for mass production. None were able to satisfy us and we embarked on the design of our own solution.


Traditionally, medical prostheses remain expensive and unattractive. This is no longer the case thanks to additive manufacturing. Reduced costs, speed of design and manufacture, possibility of tailor-made ... So many arguments in favor of 3D printing that we were able to convince the manager of Aster 3D to collaborate with Alchimies for the manufacture of its prostheses and orthotics.

3D food printing

On the strength of its experience in 3D printing by wire deposition, Alchimies has developed a food printer for one of its customers, based on the same principle of melt deposition. This technology offers great possibilities for the food industry, making it possible to control both the material used and the shape obtained, and thus possible to meet very specific needs.

Soap press mold

Looking for a local partner to support its transition to additive manufacturing technologies, the soap factory La grange aux herbes contacted us for their 3D printed soap mold project. In order to assure them of the viability of their idea, we designed a complete PETG mold for them.

Design and manufacture of printed parts

Lids for municipal waste bins

To meet the needs of the Municipality of Dieuze, Alchimies has produced for the Technical Services of the City covers adapted to municipal, economical and aesthetic bins, in order to cope with the discharge of household waste in public bins.

Button enhancer

Alchimies has created for one of its customers a system that can be easily installed on their Walkie-Talkies to make it easier to press the alert button. Adaptable to several models, this button riser is fitted to the case using an adapter screw. After validation of the prototype, a first series of 500 parts could be produced in a very short time.

Cable routing

Alchimies has created modular PET-G supports for its cable management for the needs of its own factory. Water and UV resistant, they have good mechanical resistance and act as electrical insulators. Easily and quickly printable, these supports present an economical and adaptable solution for the layout of a production site.

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