Job seekers


6 month, including 2 month of internship, for a total
of 546h in the training center
and 280h in-company


Free for job seekers ; Available on quotation in other cases


Training certificate

Objective :

Master the steps to go from an idea to a printed object


your project on a CAD software by integrating the design rules adapted to additive manufacturing

Define the printing parameters

for parts to be made according to the geometry, materials and machine used

Plan and track

the manufacturing stages, intervene if necessary at these different stages


the result of a print and adjust the machine, the material, the geometry, or the print parameters if necessary

Prepare and maintain

your 3D printer


Have a good spatial visualisation (written test)

Be comfortable with computers (practical test)

Demonstrate manual dexterity (manual test)

Reception (7h)

Additive manufacturing and other manufacturing processes (42h)

Design & digitization (70h)

Materials & post-processing (21h)

Setting (28h)

Printing, piloting and production management (35h)

Electronics & programming (35h)

Assembly & calibration (28h)

Maintenance (21h)

Personal and professional project (49h)

Project management (35h)

Language self-learning

Individual projects (35h)
and group project (70h)

Intermediary and
final assessment (7h)

Final evaluations (21h)

Internships (280h)

​Master classes



Case studies

Individual projects

Group projects

Online questionnaire

Individual projects

Group projects

Software test

Internship report

Oral presentation

Financial partner :

The 2021/2022 training session ended on March 11, 2022.

La session 2022/2023 a débuté le lundi 19 septembre 2022 et s’achèvera le vendredi 10 mars 2023.

Contactez-nous pour obtenir un devis pour une prochaine session.